Figure vs. Hockey Skates

Figure skates are designed with a long blade and toe picks. We recommend figure skates for beginners because the shape of the blade distributes the skater’s weight evenly and makes it easier to balance. Hockey skates are designed with a shorter blade that curves on both ends. Hockey skates are designed to turn, stop, and gain speed quickly.

Skate Sizes

We have both figure and hockey skates. Skate sizes run from a child size 9 to adult size 13. Ice skates do not come in half sizes or gender specific sizes. We’ve found that our ice skates run 1 size larger than your normal size, especially for women. Feel free to ask to switch sizes (at the window in the hallway of the Skate Shoppe) if you rented the wrong size boot.

How to put on your skates

Make sure the tongue is tucked between the boot liner and plastic part of the boot prior to putting your foot in the skate. Then place your foot in the skate. Straighten out the tongue of the boot as needed so it is centered. Secure the buckles into place. The boot should be snug, especially around your ankles. Make sure your pants are not tucked into the boots. If your skate is uncomfortable, please see our skate staff so they can help adjust your boot or determine if you would be more comfortable in the other style.