Get ready to glide into winter on Idaho’s first, and the nation’s seventh, ice skating ribbon and ice rink!  What's an ice ribbon you ask? An ice pathway that winds around the Plaza and culminates in a rink!

Indian Creek Plaza staff begin building the Ice Ribbon the last week in October. It takes about three weeks until the glass dasher boards, ice, and rubber mats are fully installed.

Step 1: Dasher Board Installation

Dasher boards are walls and hand rails that surround the Ice Ribbon to form its shape.

The dasher boards are about 6 feet wide pieces broken into a base, glass wall, and metal hand rail. Each base is custom made to match with the curves of the Ribbon. The bases are numbered so we know exactly where to place them on the Ribbon. Once the bases of the dasher boards are sorted and placed in their correct spot, they are secured to the concrete.

After securing the base of the dasher boards, the glass walls and metal hand rails are installed.

step 2: Applying the sheet rock tape

The sheet rock tape is applied to the base of the dasher boards to prevent any water from leaking underneath the dasher boards.


step 3: placing rubber matting

Rubber matting is placed in the large areas outside Ice Ribbon. Ice skates are only to be used or worn on the rubber mats and ice to protect the blades.

Jeff Nodzu works on installing and customizing the rubber mats along the Ice Ribbon.

Jeff Nodzu works on installing and customizing the rubber mats along the Ice Ribbon.

step 4: making the ice

Under the Ice Ribbon there are four miles of piping to cool the concrete. Water is sprayed across the concrete and ice is made one layer at a time until it is about two inches thick. In between layers, the ice is painted white to prevent it from melting.

paint spraying.jpg