Tips to make the most of your visit


Ample FREE parking abounds in Downtown Caldwell in close proximity to Indian Creek Plaza. For quick and easy parking, check out Caldwell’s free parking map before heading down to the Plaza.

The TVCC parking lot (205 S 6th Ave, Caldwell, ID) is some of the closest parking to the Plaza Skate Shoppe where you will get your skate passes. After you park, cross over the bridge and take a right down Arthur Street. Once you get to the Plaza, you will see the Plaza Skate Shoppe immediately to your left.

Dress for the Weather

The Ice Skating Ribbon is outdoors, so be sure to wear your heavy coats, scarves, mittens, hats, and thick, long socks are highly recommended. Hand and toe warmers are available for purchase at the Plaza Skate Shoppe!

Fire pits are on during the day and additional heaters are turned on in the evenings at 6 p.m. However, heat is limited so come prepared for the cold weather.


The Plaza Skate Shoppe

Skate rentals and passes are available at the Plaza Skate Shoppe located at 123 S. 7th Ave. Caldwell. Access to the Skate Shoppe is located on the Plaza side of the building. You can also call the Skate Shoppe at 208-800-9032 for more information. Skate sharpening, hand and toe warmers, hot cocoa, cider, and tea are also available for purchase at the Plaza Skate Shoppe.


Helmets are FREE for rent and are highly encouraged to wear while on the ice. You can ask for these at the Plaza Skate Shoppe at any point during your visit.

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Skate Trainers

Skate trainers (walkers) are located in the center of the ice rink. You need ice skates on to get to them, but you can hold on to the railing as you find your way to the walkers. Walkers must stay in the rink/circle area of the Ice Ribbon.

Skate Sizes

We have both figure and hockey skates. Skate sizes run from a child size 9 to adult size 13. Ice skates do not come in half sizes or gender specific sizes. We’ve found that our ice skates run 1 size larger than your normal size, especially for women. Feel free to ask to switch sizes (at the window in the hallway of the Skate Shoppe) if you rented the wrong size boot.

Figure vs. Hockey Skates

Figure skates are designed with a long blade and toe picks. We recommend figure skates for beginners because the shape of the blade distributes the skater’s weight evenly and makes it easier to balance. Hockey skates are designed with a shorter blade that curves on both ends. Hockey skates are designed to turn, stop, and gain speed quickly.

How to put on your skates

Make sure the tongue is tucked between the boot liner and plastic part of the boot prior to putting your foot in the skate. Then place your foot in the skate. Straighten out the tongue of the boot as needed so it is centered. Secure the buckles into place. The boot should be snug, especially around your ankles. Make sure your pants are not tucked into the boots. If your skate is uncomfortable, please see our skate staff so they can help adjust your boot or determine if you would be more comfortable in the other style.


Rink Guards

Rink Guards, the skaters in neon vests, are on the ice to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. These employees and volunteers are skilled skaters and can help you learn to skate or give you tips. They also help enforce our glide-lines.

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Parties and Group Discounts

The Ice Ribbon is the perfect place for your group or party. Groups are welcome, but we ask those over 10 people to let us know you are coming so our skate staff can prepare to get your group on the ice quickly! Our skate shoppe takes group reservations, and those who RSVP will a 20% group discount off of transactions of over 10 skaters. We also rent out our firepits for group parties. Get more information here.

Ice Skating Schedule

Check out Indian Creek Plaza’s calendar for the most up-to-date public skate hours and public skate sessions.

Refund Policy

Skate passes and rentals are nonrefundable. All proceeds from ice skating benefit Indian Creek Plaza events and activities. Indian Creek Plaza is managed by Destination Caldwell, a non-profit organization.