‘Glide-lines’ to have a fun and safe skate on Idaho’s ONLY Ice Ribbon!

1. Skate at your own risk. Indian Creek Plaza is not liable for accidents, both on and off the ice.

2. Skates are restricted to designated areas with protective rubber flooring and ice. Street shoes are prohibited on the ice.

3. Skaters are not allowed to carry children or secondary items on the ice; handbags, backpacks, etc.

4. Cellphone and camera use is prohibited on the ice to avoid tragic selfie accidents.

5. No food or drink on the Ice. Go eat at a local restaurant within walking distance of the Plaza.

6. Roughness, speeding, horseplay, skating against the crowd, backward skating, jumps, leg kicks, and weaving through other skaters is prohibited. Indian Creek Plaza staff reserves the right to prohibit any activity that may be deemed unsafe or cause injury to skaters.

7. No one is allowed on the ice during resurfacing.

8. Indian Creek Plaza is not responsible for items stolen or left within or near rink or building.

9. Exits must be kept clear at all times.

10. It is suggested that children 10 and under have a parent or guardian present.

Safety is our top priority

Anyone not abiding by the rules listed above or not obeying staff or rink guards will be asked to leave the ribbon without refund.